Flyy App for iOS Connects Users with Voice Based Technology

With over 1.5 million apps available to download, Apple’s App Store remains the second largest. While the top free apps include well-known names such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, a new “app breed” is emerging that lets users record their own voices to express their thoughts, while joining in on conversations around the world.

Voice Your Opinions on the Flyy

Listed under the “social networking” category of Apple’s App Store, Flyy App’s slogan is, “You Speak. We Listen.”

One of the few voice based apps currently available to download on the Apple App Store, Flyy lets its users instantly record their voices to speak their mind, while responding back to others and joining conversations that interest them. The best part about Flyy is that everything is done via voice – no text or images required.

Flyy users simply tap the app’s red record button to say what’s on their mind for up to one minute. Users can also search for trending conversation topics by going through the variety of hashtags that are listed under the app’s search feature. Global conversation topics include: #Dating, #Confessions, #Love, #TheFierceGay, #Music, #Lol and almost anything else people – millennials in particular – want to speak about.


Flyy’s users also have the option to remain anonymous, allowing individuals to really speak their mind without having to hold back. In a way, Flyy can be viewed as an audio blogging platform that’s providing a next generation form of interaction based purely on voice.

Why is Voice Important 

Voice-based apps are still an emerging concept, yet incorporating voice to social networking is sure to catch on sooner rather than later. According to Flyy App’s CEO, Natasha S, voice is not only an important element for next-generation social networks, it’s also crucial for helping humans maintain the purest form of communication in a digitalized world.

“As society becomes more disconnected, people will begin to crave intimacy through online communications or downloadable apps,” Natasha said. “The most effective way of fulfilling the need for human interaction, however, is to communicate through voice. Voice is a more natural and intimate way of communicating with others. To speak and to hear someone’s voice is one of our primal needs. A crying child is soothed either by his mothers gaze, or by her voice. Unconsciously, we equate voice with being comforted.”

Natasha recognized early on just how empowering voicing oneself can be, noting that voice increases empathy and personal connections.

“You will instantly connect with that person just by hearing their voice, even though you have never met him or her. This is the power of voice, and its ability to bring us all closer together, especially as the world becomes more digitalized and disconnected,” Natasha explained.

Share Your Voice

Got something to say, or want to hear what other people around the world are talking about? Start expressing yourself with Flyy today. After all, who isn’t tired of trying to make the perfect duck face on SnapChat and Instagram?

You can download Flyy App for free here (iOS download only).

Last but not least, share you thoughts and comments with me! Provide your feedback below, fill out the contact form, or just by send a tweet to @Rachelwolf00.

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