StyleBee: “Beauty On Demand” for Silicon Valley’s Busy CEOs

Nowadays, it seems like everything is on demand. In an instant you can order an Uber or Lyft to get from point A to B, have DoorDash deliver meals to you in minutes, “easily” hookup with someone by swiping right on Tinder… you get the idea.

Yet while car rides, meal deliveries and hookups seem to be easy as 1,2,3, there is a new type of on-demand service that is sure to disrupt the on-demand economy. “Beauty on Demand” is the next up and coming offering that allows women and men with hectic lifestyles to schedule a professional stylist to come directly to them, at their convenience.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.34.13 PM
StyleBee on iOS

An “Uber” for Instant Beauty

Backed by Y Combinator and available in Los Angeles and San Francisco (with plans to expand), StyleBee is an innovative mobile app that allows users to instantly have a stylist come directly to them. Founded by Anna Santeramo, StyleBee was created to solve a problem Anna experienced when she was working as a corporate attorney. When Anna needed her hair styled, she found it difficult to book an appointment that would fit her schedule. She also noticed that these appointments were expensive, as well as inconvenient. Anna created StyleBee as one of the first on-demand beauty services to solve this problem.

StyleBee works like this:

  • Users get on the StyleBee app (or website) and choose a service they would like to receive. StyleBee offers a variety of options such as blowout/curls, updo/makeup/men’s cut/bridal services, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.44.29 AM

  • Users then book an appointment (at least 2 hours in advance) by selecting the time and location of their choice. A StyleBee pro will come to you wherever you need them. For example, I had StyleBee blowout my curls at the gym after my workout, and next at my apartment before I went out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.43.29 AM

  • Finally, StyleBee confirms a users appointment by matching them up with the best stylist based on their listed preferences.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.42.20 AM

StyleBee: A Busy CEOs Best Friend

StyleBee’s mission is to make it easy and affordable for individuals and companies to access beauty products and services, anytime, anywhere, for anyone – yep, males included! In particular, StyleBee is quickly gaining popularity in The Bay Area. With thousands of busy founders and CEOs, these women and men are finding a great deal of value for an on-demand beauty service. Nicole Greene, Director of Client Services at StyleBee, mentioned,

“StyleBee allows professionals to continue their work while keeping their image maintained. These days a personal brand is so critical to success, and every minute of work counts (especially to our clients who have billable hours) — StyleBee allows the two demands to coexist flawlessly.” 

I couldn’t agree more with Nicole. For example, when my wonderful stylist Jordan Masuret arrived to my apartment, he told me to feel free to continue working on my computer while he was blowing out my hair. This allows professionals in The Bay Area the luxury of being groomed without having to stop their workday, making StyleBee the perfect on-demand beauty solution for busy CEOs and executives.

Get Your StyleBee On (Demand)!

Curious to try StyleBee? Visit the StyleBee website or download the iOS app to book your appointment today.

StyleBee Results: My curls before and after!

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One thought on “StyleBee: “Beauty On Demand” for Silicon Valley’s Busy CEOs

  1. Excellent idea that will gain traction and popularity! Women are still judged by appearance and those in certain positions have always had in-home or in-office services. This app makes it easy, convenient and available to a wider market. Thanks for posting.

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