I’ve always been passionate about writing and meeting new people…

Join me on my journey!
Join me on my journey!

I knew that I was a good writer from a very young age, after I won a creative writing competition in the fourth grade. I decided to pursue writing throughout my educational career, taking playwriting and creative writing courses in high school and during my undergraduate studies.

In addition to my love for writing, I’ve always had a nomadic soul. As a baby, I would jump out of my crib at night in an attempt to “explore new places”. Coincidently, I have managed to live in Austin, Texas, Tel Aviv, Israel and now San Francisco, California within the past five years.

My love for writing and interest in meeting new people has allowed me to create my blog, Tech_Talks with Rachel Wolfson

We are currently living in a world defined by technology. Experiencing life in Tel Aviv and San Francisco has allowed me to see firsthand how technology is being crafted for the future. I’ve had the opportunity to meet the creators behind these advancing technologies and learn about their stories. Now, I want to share them with you.

Join me on my journey as I venture into the world of technology from a young woman’s point of view. The individuals (both women and men) and companies featured in Tech_Talks are changing the world. It is my hope that these stories will inspire, encourage and have a positive impact on you.


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